World’s Largest Six-Pack Is Back In La Crosse

The “World’s Largest Six-Pack” – actually six steel holding tanks – will once again be carrying a brewer’s logo in La Crosse, Wisconsin, this time marked as La Crosse Lager. The former G. Heileman brewery’s holding tanks carried Old Style labels for three decades, but were painted over in plain white in July 2000. The “World’s Largest Six-Pack” was a familiar landmark in La Crosse, and was considered one of the city’s tourist attractions. Now, City Brewery is brewing beer at the plant. When Heileman owned the plant, all six of the 54-feet-high tanks bore the Old Style labels, but City Brewery has decorate just four of them with the La Crosse Lager label, as the back tanks were just too difficult and costly to reach. La Crosse Lager is the brewery’s best-selling brand, and its most widely distributed. City Brewery employees unveiled the new look at a special ceremony, kicking off La Crosse’s second annual City Fest, which runs Friday to Oct. 1 during Oktoberfest. The city’s Oktoberfest allows participating breweries to feature only two products, and City Brewery is a participant, but City Fest will feature at least nine of City Brewery’s beers.

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