News State Brewers Guilds Shift Fundraising Gears – OBG to Host National Beer Competition

For years, state-based brewers guilds looked to beer festivals as a significant fundraising source. But as the popularity of beer festivals continues to wane, state guilds are beginning to develop new and creative ideas to raise money. The Oregon Brewers Guild (OBG) has developed a new concept in fundraising, a nationwide beer competition.

The Best of the West Coast IPA: National Throwdown is a creative concept that looks beyond the boundaries of Oregon state to help raise money to fuel their advocacy and lobbying efforts at the state Capitol. Rather than implement a competition that focuses only on Oregon breweries, the Best of the West Coast IPA is open to any brewery in the country. The goal of the second annual Best of the West Coast National IPA Throwdown is to “identify and celebrate the best West Coast IPAs being made in the country today by a wide range of breweries and brewers,” according the OBG.

Unlike other competitions, this event focuses on one style of beer only: West Coast IPA. Pale Ales, session IPAs, double and triple IPAs, black IPAs, and others are not included in this competition.

“There is too much excellent IPA being brewed in the United States today to award medals to only 3 beers. To reflect and celebrate the diversity of this popular style, we break West Coast IPA down into several novel sub-categories, and we honor top beers across those sub-styles and intentionally honor beers based on production volume, availability, and brewery size,” says the OBG.

Registration opens June 1st and is open to breweries from all 50 states. Beers will be judged July 12th through the 14th and the awards ceremony will be held in August.

Judges will award silver and gold medals to qualifying beers in each category. Gold medalists in each category will compete against each other for a Category Championship, and the Category Champions will compete for the Grand Champion/Best In Show IPA award.

For more details on the competition and to register, see the OBG website.

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