News Can Supply May Become More Difficult as Ball Announces New Purchasing Requirements

Brewers who have been buying cans from the Ball Corporation are being notified that the minimum order has moved to five truckloads per SKU for printed cans for non-contracted customers. In addition, Ball will no longer warehouse inventory on behalf of customers. Non-contract customers with quantities less than five truckloads will now have to order and purchase through a broker. The new policies were brought to light today by the Brewers Association in a BA Industry Update to its members.

Overall aluminum can shortages appear likely to continue well into 2022 and perhaps further, and these new purchasing standards imposed by Ball represent a shift to serving high-volume customers at the expense of smaller craft brewers. Small brewers are likely to see prices increases, additional labelling costs, increased transportation cost and an increase in lead times by having to work through brokers.

Full story here.

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