News Round Two – Molson Coors Accused of Being ‘Woke’ Over Commercial

A months-old Miller Lite commercial featuring actress Ilana Glazer criticizing the sexist history of beer advertising has come under fire on social media channels by those who claim the ad is “woke” and calling for a boycott.

The Miller Lite was released during Women’s History Month in March. Glazer praises women’s contributions to beer brewing and criticizes beer companies, including Miller Lite, for “sexist” advertisements, including ads that featured women in bikinis. The commercial, which has a humorous flair to it, announced the launch of a new Miller Lite campaign in which the company committed to collecting outdated ads and posters it deems sexist and composting them into fertilizer which will then be used to fertilize hops.

The Miller Lite controversy has drawn comparison to Bud Light’s partnership with transgender spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney. The Miller Lite Twitter account has been overwhelmed with negative, critical, and often false comments from conservatives. The controversy has also invaded the conservative talk show circuit.

It is unknown if the negative chatter will trigger a similar boycott of Miller Lite. The Mulvaney controversy has had a heavy impact on sales of Bud Lite, with sales reportedly down 25% for the last 4 weeks.

More on the story here.

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