News ProBrewer News: Single Sign-On Now Active for All Sites

In the past it was a bit of a headache for our members and for us to manage logins to different ProBrewer sites — but no longer!

Single Sign-On is now active for everyone on ProBrewer and will allow members to login once and be authenticated on all ProBrewer sites. It does this by associating your email address on with — and it’s automatic as long as those email addresses match.

As with any technical change, we know that there will be issues. If you have a problem logging in, please get in touch with us and we’ll help resolve it as quickly as possible. When sending us a message, please let us know the following:
– username used on ProBrewer Classified Ads site /
– username used on ProBrewer Discussions Board /
– any error messages or notices you are getting
Please include the above in your help ticket that you can file on our contact page.

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