News ProBrewer News: Enhancements to Classified Ads

We know that thousands of people depend on the ProBrewer classified ads system every week. And with the goal of making the system even better, ProBrewer is proud to have launched some updates to our classified ads system and we think you’ll like them.

With this update we have focused mainly on the organization of the classified ads and speeding up delivery to the readers. One of our goals is to consolidate the top level categories in all sections of the ProBrewer site to the same core group. This step brings those top level categories to classified ads. In addition, these changes also put more control in the posters hands and generally cleans up some missing features. Here’s a list of the updates we have in this release.

Category Updates – we have consolidated the categories into top levels that reflect the business areas of a modern beverage industry business. In addition we have expanded the number of categories available to post in to allow more specific posting.

Change The Ad Category – previously once the category was selected it could not be changed except by an admin. It can now be changed by the poster as needed.

New / Used / Wanted Ad Type – previously we had different categories setup for new equipment versus used versus wanted equipment. We have not consolidated all of those into a single category for each equipment type. The status of if the classified ad is for new, used, or wanted has been moved to a parameter of the ad. In addition the list of classified ads can be filtered by this ad type when viewing ads – so if you are looking for just used equipment, you will only see used equipment ads when filtering on that parameter.

Mark Sold – posters can now mark an item sold and either leave it up or take the ad down. If at some point in the future the ad needs to go back up, the poster can unmark that item sold and re-publish the ad.

Email Notifications – and if you missed it, we recently also added the ability to get web and email notifications for newly posted classified ads. Those are now available in your ProBrewer account page on the notifications page (

And as always we’d love your input on these changes and what you’d like to see us add in the future. Hit us up via our contact form anytime.

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