News ProBrewer Launches Partnership with Beer Edge

ProBrewer is proud to announce a new partnership with veteran industry journalists John Holl and Andy Crouch of Beer Edge. As part of this exciting new partnership, Beer Edge will be providing regular, original content on the ProBrewer site.

San Francisco, California & Cambridge, Massachusetts (February 15, 2022) – As the brewing industry continues to grow and evolve, the need for independent editorial content has never been greater. Information and insight that can help breweries grow, succeed, and engage with an interested consumer base is key. Now, two companies with a history of engagement and reliability have come together to provide original articles and analysis aimed at all facets of the brewing industry.

As part of an editorial partnership, Beer Edge will provide ProBrewer and its user base of more than 70,000 industry professionals with regular, original content on the site. Launched in 2019 by longtime beer journalists Andy Crouch and John Holl, Beer Edge engages beer professionals and enthusiasts through its popular podcasts, articles, columns, and a newsletter.

This partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies while each retains its independence.

“It’s funny, most publishers and journalists have been tacking technology onto their content but aren’t technologists by trade or focus,” says ProBrewer Co-Founder, Pat Hagerman. “ ProBrewer is a Silicon Valley company adding in-depth journalism and editorial. There’s nothing like ProBrewer anywhere-think about if LinkedIn meets Ebay on Reddit for beer–so we’re excited to bring together purpose-built beer community software with traditional publishing expertise and talent.”

Before starting Beer Edge, publisher and co-founder Andy Crouch was a founding columnist for Beer Advocate Magazine. He is also the author of several books. Editor and co-founder John Holl has been covering beer for nearly 20 years, is the author of several books, and formerly served as editor of All About Beer Magazine. For Beer Edge, Holl hosts the weekly Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast and Crouch hosts The Beer Edge Podcast.

“Having a platform like ProBrewer allows us to deliver news and insight about the brewing industry to the brewing industry,” said Holl. “We’ve been chronicling the industry for decades now and are interested in documenting the current trends but also writing with historical context. The Beer Edge articles on ProBrewer will be stories that are of interest to anyone looking to make the most out of their brewing industry career.”

“We’re excited to be working with ProBrewer, which has long been a valuable resource for the beer industry,” said Crouch. “John and I are passionate about covering the beer space, which is full of colorful characters, incredible products, and a lively history. Beyond the beer in the glass, there are countless stories to share about ingredients, technology, innovation, economics, and most importantly, the people and passion behind each pint.”

To support this partnership, ProBrewer recently launched ‘Expert Topic’ which will cover a specific area of the brewing industry for the entire month. In January 2022, the Featured Expert Topic focused on Ingredients and the Export Topic for February is Packaging. Beer Edge will provide ongoing content for each monthly topic including in depth interviews, analysis, expert perspectives, and insights for brewery professionals in all areas of the business.

Mark Silva, ProBrewer Co-Founder, said, “Our Allied Trade advertisers love being able to reach their customers and prospects at scale on ProBrewer. They’ve appreciated the opportunity to sponsor their category discussion board topics, our Allied Trade Directory and more. Quality, super-fresh editorial content is the next evolution of what every sophisticated marketer wants: ‘context plus sponsorship.'”

As news continues to shift to all-digital formats there is still a need for smart and insightful written coverage.

“We’re excited to be working with ProBrewer. It’s long been a reliable resource for the brewing industry,” says Crouch. “By providing articles to we’re excited to go beyond our podcasts and dive deep into articles that will provoke thought and provide insight. This collaboration just makes sense.”

ProBrewer is the most comprehensive online resource available for the professional brewing industry. The site features a classified ads section, help wanted section, a discussion board for professionals, up-to-date industry news, and an extensive library of articles and educational content.

Now, the site is able to provide excellent editorial content from Beer Edge.

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