News Beverage Packaging Shortage May Not Improve Until 2023

When will the current shortage in packaging materials, including cans and bottles, improve? The general consensus from those in the supply chain is not until sometime in 2023.

“We are starting to hear some talk about the grip loosening up in late 2022 -2023,” Dan Kobiske, VP of supply chain for the distributor Mexcor International told Beverage Dynamics. “Our current situation will take some time to get out of. I don’t think it will ever return to what it was pre-pandemic, but we will settle in with a new normal.”

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Carlton Fowler, co-founder of Goat Rodeo Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage beverage alcohol brands echoed that same assessment. “When I talk to my co-packers, they don’t think the shortage will end until 2023, it not further out,” he said.

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