News Non-Alcoholic Offerings at Brewpubs Taking New Direction – Including NA Beer

It used to be that the non-alcoholic beverage selection at most brewpubs was simple; often a choice of a couple of sodas and maybe a kombucha. But today, as more consumers seek tasty, innovative beverages, and at the same time are drinking less alcohol, brewpubs are expanding their non-alcoholic offerings, often including non-alcoholic beer.

And its not just non-beer NA drinks that many brewpubs are now offering. With new yeast strains that digest less sugars during fermentation, creating beers with less than 0.5 percent ABV, new vacuum separation processes that are affordable for craft brewers to make non-alcoholic beer and far more choices of quality, craft non-alcoholic beers to offer, there are now multiple choices for brewpubs to serve non-alcoholic beer.

It can be a costly mistake to chase fads. That lesson was most recently learned by many craft brewers who jumped into the hard seltzer category. But making, or at least offering, non-alcoholic beer at the brewpub is catering to a consumer trend that is likely to stick around.

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