News Jury Awards Stone Brewing $56 Million in Trademark Lawsuit

San Diego-based Stone Brewing was awarded $56 million in damages following a three-week trademark infringement trial over MillerCoors.

Stone Brewing had asked jurors for a $216 million judgment, but an eight-member jury unanimously awarded the lesser amount.

Stone posted a simple “W” on their Facebook page. Co-founder Greg Koch tweeted, “MolsonCoors threatened our heritage, but we stood up to that threat. They will put the ‘Key’ back in ‘Keystone’ ending their hostile 4-year co-op of the Stone name. Cheers to our fans, friends and supporters who believe in the good that craft beer brings. This is your win too.”

Jurors were asked to determine whether there was trademark infringement caused by MillerCoors’ marketing and advertising of Keystone Light, specifically when the word ‘stone’ was separated from ‘Key’ in some of the beer brands marketing materials.

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