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In Tennessee to brew beers higher than 5% by weight you have to obtain a distillery license, a lengthy and expensive process.

It seems our Tennessee legislature is taking backwards steps, steps that limit high-gravity brewing in Tennessee to only THREE locations across the state. Something else seems fishy about this too, as if someone is trying to manipulate laws to prevent free competition. THEY ARE VOTING TODAY
A good article explaining this current situation is:

All breweries in Tennessee should be able to brew high gravity beers.
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  • BrewinLou


    This has to be painful for Tenn brewers, we sell our 8% stout in Tenn. It sells in the High Alc beverage shop which is usually right next door to the beer shop. We are not required to have a distillers lic. to sell our beer in TN, seems like a bit of an unfair advantage for out of state brewers.

  • Hatfield


    I don”t see how it is legal to allow only certain breweries (2 of which don’t even seem to exist yet) to brew high gravity beers in a state and not allow any other brewers to do the same. What kind of country do we live in? How is this any where close to fair? I guess it is only fitting that this happen in a state that has a distillery on the National Register of Historic Places that happens to be in a dry county! This is just ridiculous. Sad day for the small brewer who doesn’t have enough money to pay for a lobbyist.

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