News Guinness Surpasses Carling as #1 Pint in UK Pubs

Sales of Guinness in pubs across Britain have surpassed Carling and the Irish stout is now the number one selling pint accounting for one in every nine pints pulled in the U.K.

Guinness surpassed Carling to become the number one beer in British pubs in terms of value sales towards the end of last year. The fact that a stout is now the number one beer in British pubs is notable after lagers gained immense popularity in the U.K. over the last few generations.

The global drinks company Diageo, which now owns Guinness, had a strong performance in its half-year results, with a rise in net sales and growth across all regions. Global sales growth increased by 9.4%.

The Guinness St. James Gate Brewery was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness and the brewery is still in operation today.

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