Funny Cide, the beer

People soon will be able to own Funny Cide – in a bottle. The light beer is set to go on sale this week. The brew was developed by Sackets Harbor Brewing Co. and its Spa City partner, the Olde Saratoga Brewing Co. Sackets Harbor began selling a beer named for the Kentucky Derby-Preakness winner because the horse is owned by local residents.

Six-packs will be $6.99, said Mike Gentile, general sales manager at the Saratoga Brewing Co. It will also be available on tap.

Jack Knowlton, the gelding’s co-owner, said he is proud to have Funny Cide associated with a beer made by brewers from the owners’ hometowns. “The Sackets Six (the owners) were the first to test Funny Cide Light and agreed this is a quality product,” he said.

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