Fish Brewing Co. Announces USDA Organic Certification

Fish Brewing Company has announced the release of Fish Tale Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale, the Brewer’s latest certified organic product. Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale and Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale earlier earned USDA Organic Certification. These three year-round products have been Certified Organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. “We feel that going organic has been the best possible choice for our Company and our customers,” said Crayne Horton, founder of Fish Brewing. “We’ve made a clear commitment to environmental protection, and that decision has made Fish Brewing a stronger company financially, a better place for its employees to work, and a better choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Brewing and selling organic beer has been a win/win situation for all of us.”

In another groundbreaking move by Fish Brewing Company, Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale is brewed using the first crop of commercially available hops to be grown in the USA under certified organic conditions. Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale is brewed with Cascade hops, grown in Yakima, WA, and USDA Certified Organic. The availability of these hops is very important to the Mighty Fish Brewers, since the original Wild Salmon Pale Ale had always been brewed with Yakima Cascade hops. With Organic Cascade hops, it is now possible to brew the new Organic Wild Salmon without having to significantly change what has been a very successful flavor profile. The use of Organic Yakima Cascade hops further grounds the Fish Brewing Company s roots in the Cascade region of the Pacific Northwest. Consequently, all three varieties of Fish Tale Organic beer will continue to be labeled with a stamp stating “Brewed in the Republic of Cascadia” printed on the six-pack. “We’re proud to offer our Organic Ales as our gift to the Citizens of Cascadia,” Horton said. “We believe that it will be the natural choice for those Cascadians from Ashland to Bellingham, who are looking to make an environmentally conscious choice when picking their favorite craft beer.”

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