News Iconic Falling Rock in Denver to Close

An end to an era.

Raise your hand if you have been to the Falling Rock tap house in Denver.

Raise both hands if you have been to the Falling Rock and met up with old friends, met new friends, enjoyed an awesome beer you’ve never had before, sat outside on a warm evening under the stars, stood outside on a bitterly cold evening watching the snow fall, enjoyed some great live music, enjoyed some lousy live music, been downstairs in the crowded basement for a special event, watch Chris Black stand on a table to make an announcement……

On Saturday, proprietor Chris Black announced that the Falling Rock was closing after 24 years.

“I’m really not sure how to say this but we here at the Falling Rock have made the difficult decision to close. I know this may come as a shock to those of you out there, but this last year has just been the icing on the cake of the last 5 years.”

The curtain will be pulled on Sunday June 27th, at which time only memories will linger.

The reason for the closure is a varied list of all the things that can impact a small business. As Chris described it in his post; “a year-long construction project that caused a 30% drop in sales, changes in the neighborhood that have impacted our business negatively (like crazy late-night crowds and decreased office usage), continued increasing competition from our suppliers, challenges in finding kitchen staff plus rapidly increasing costs all have added up to a financially unsustainable situation. After consultations with our landlords (who have bent over backwards during COVID to help us and have been amazing for the last 24 years to work with) we have all decided that us closing will allow both parties to move on without causing financial harm to either one.”

We wish Chris and his brothers Steve and Al Black the very best going forward. And know that many fond memories are forever stored in the hearts and soul of folks across the world.

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