News Museum of Beer and Brewing Opens in Milwaukee

The Museum of Beer and Brewing held a soft opened on Saturday, May 11th with plans for a grand opening later this summer. The museum is located in the Lincoln Warehouse Community just south of downtown Milwaukee, WI.

The new museum currently has an oil painting display from 1935, depicting the history of brewing, as well as a beer hall of fame display.

The mission of the museum is to “preserve and display the proud history of beer and brewing throughout the world and particularly in North America.” The Museum of Beer and Brewing has plans to “present the evolution of beer and brewing, offer an interactive experience to visitors, provide educational resources and recognize regional roles in brewing history.

The origins of the project date back 25 years when in1999, Gary Luther, Roger Briess and Karl Strauss held a meeting during a Master Brewers Association convention in Keystone, CO. The three discussed the need to have a museum and agreed to attempt to get the original group together once again and solidify the museum organization and objectives. The group met later that year and committed to founding the Museum for Beer and Brewing and agreed the goal of the museum would be to encompass beer production and culture, from production to consumption—from grain to glass.

The museum has a web site with membership details, upcoming events and other information here.

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