Brewery targets women, wine drinkers

Greene King has launched what the brewery calls Britain’s first “fem-ale.” This comes after Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) chair Paula Waters said brewers are missing an opportunity by failing to produce a female-friendly beer that could attract young women to the bars.

Greene King calls its new product “A Beer to Dine For” and describes the beer as light in color and crisp in taste. It “looks very stylish, in a green bottle with a contemporary label that is as distinctive as the contents.” It is available in 660ml bottles, almost the size of wine bottles.

Rooney Anand of Greene King said it is “a real alternative to a glass of Chardonnay.” Janina Mayne, one of the team of female brewers at Greene King, added: “The Tettnang hops from America gives this dry and refreshing beer an aroma of melons and a fabulous fruity flavor.”

The Norfolk Eastern Daily Press surveyed women to see what they thought.

Catherine Raynor, who works public relations, said: “I don’t have a problem with the current beer, so why do I need a fem-ale one?”

“I would drink that,” said Christine Jones, long a beer drinker. She added that because the ale is 5% abv, “Two pints of that would make me go a bit woozy.” Daughter Holly, 19, said she preferred cocktails.

“Beer to Dine For is a great idea,” said Sue Nowak, former chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers. “Served chilled in champagne-type flutes, it makes a lovely aperitif before food and goes well with lighter dishes. Its clean, lilting taste should appeal to women.”

CAMRA promoted real ale to “Female Beer Virgins” at the Great British Beer Festival, Banana Bread Beer from Charles Wells won the voting for favorite beer for women in special voting.

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