News AB Marketing Exec Takes Leave of Absence After Controversial Ad Campaign

The Anheuser-Busch senior marketing executive for Bud Light who oversaw the ad campaign that led to a consumer boycott is said to have taken a leave of absence from the company.

Alissa Heinerscheid, who has directed the brand’s marketing since June will be replaced by Budweiser global marketing VP Todd Allen. It’s unclear if her replacement will be permanent.

The brand has taken a hit in sales since partnering with transgender spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney.

A day before Mulvaney announced the partnership with Bud Light, she was interviewed on the podcast “Make Yourself At Home,” where she discussed her work in transforming the Bud Light brand from its “fratty” and “out of touch” humor to a beer company that embraces inclusivity. “I’m a businesswoman, I had a really clear job to do when I took over Bud Light, and it was ‘This brand is in decline, it’s been in a decline for a really long time, and if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand there will be no future for Bud Light,‘” she said during the podcast.

In the weeks after Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch saw its value plummet more than $5 billion.

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