News A Trend? Washington State Proposes Legislation to Lower BAC to 0.05

In a trend that may be picking up momentum across the country, Washington state legislators are considering a bill that would lower the blood alcohol limit from 0.08 to 0.05.

Senate Bill 5002, sponsored by state Sen. John Lovick will be watched closely by the industry. Utah is currently the only state with a lower blood alcohol content standard of 0.05 which was passed a few years ago. Other proposals in a handful of states since have been voted down relatively early in the legislative process.

But proponents for lowering the threshold for drunk driving seem to have an agenda to persistently attempt legislation state-by-state, and it is expected that additional proposals will pop up as year legislatures begin doing business for 2023.

The Washington legislation would go into effect on July 1, if legislators pass the measure the session.

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