A Pint in Five Seconds

Britain’s Coors Brewers, who market the popular Carling lager brand, is introducing a new lager-beer pouring system that can fill a pint glass in five seconds. In giving bar staff the ability to pull as many as ten pints per minute, the brewer hopes to give Carling an edge in high-volume bars, where backups due to slower dispense speeds can cause problems on thirsty evenings, especially at weekends. Coors is currently running trials of the new “ultraflow” system, developed by specialist IMI Cornelius, in the UK. If trials are successful, Coors is expected to introduce the new system in high volume areas, such as Carling-sponsored music venues and pub sites in busy areas along main traffic routes. The high cost of the system makes it an unlikely candidate for lower-volume pubs and bars.

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