Yes They Can

Yes We Can is a new company in Colorado that provides mobile canning for craft brewers. The company supplies the canning, cans, labels, and labor all on-site which includes the pre-rinse, fill, seam, and labeling.

The mobile trailer houses an automatic Cask canning system with pre-ordered aluminum cans and labels. The YWC team provides the canning and labeling with assistance from two brewery staff.

the canning system can fill and seam up to 30 cans per minute or 600 cases/day. The machine can accommodate larger or smaller can sizes but only one can size per machine. The system consists of a core conveyor with motor drive, four control panels, a five head filler, a can lid dispenser, Pre-rinse, and a heavy duty can seamer all mounted on a stainless steel frame.
You can contact Kevin Babson at 720-320-4503 for more information.