White House Homebrew

Turns out the Obama White House has something in common with many of the country’s founding fathers; homebrewing.

Barack Obama and the White House chefs have been brewing beer for quite some time. This was just disclosed last week when former Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer made a request to share a beer with the president before the President awarded him with the Medal of Honor in a White House ceremony.

The Honey Ale is the first beer brewed in the White House, but Obama is not the first president to take on homebrewing of course.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were brewing aficionados, but Jefferson never made beer at the White House, and Washington never lived there.

Early reports of the White House-brewed beer began circulating after Obama offered it to guests guests during the Super Bowl this year, CBS reports. The beer was also consumed on St. Patty’s Day.

There are also reports that the Honey Ale isn’t the only beer that’s been brewed by the chefs. A White House Honey Blonde and a White House Honey Porter have also been created.


  1. Triple C says

    The blog Obama Foodorama reported this week that the 44th president served homemade *”White House Honey Ale” at a Super Bowl party in January. The beer was brewed in the White House.

    The honey came from Michelle Obama’s garden beehive, another White House first. About 100 12-ounce bottles were served and all were gone by the end of the party.


  2. Fat Alebert says

    banjolawyer wrote: This would be a felony in Alabama.

    You should consider moving to a progressive state like Utah!

  3. treycherry says

    Starr Hill Brewery just won silver at the GABF for their beer Monticello, which is derived from the recipe which Thomas Jefferson used. Quite tasty!

  4. wailingguitar says

    banjolawyer wrote: This would be a felony in Alabama.

    State legislature is going to have a hard time denying the homebrew bill this time!