When it Rains it Pours

ProBrewer News is back

When it rains, it pours

And it has been pouring over here the last four weeks.

It began with a computer crash. As they say, it’s not “if” but “when” your computer will crash, taking all of your data with it. I have a nearly new main brand computer and the hard drive had a major mechanical failure. It wasn’t a virus or “bug” but a complete malfunction of the hard drive.

I was able to maintain priority elements of ProBrewer such as registering new users, weeding out the hundreds of spammers we get daily and answer time sensitive questions from users. But I didn’t have time to keep the News department current. I have re-started that today and we will have the usual news updates from now on. Lesson #1: Back-up your computer!

As I was progressing through the long tedious process of trying to recover data, reinstall programs and get my email back online, my Mom fell gravely ill. I spent a lot of time tending to her and by her bed side the last couple of weeks. The most inspirational person in my life, she passed away on Monday.

Lesson #2: Life is precious and fragile. Spend time with the ones you love.

And now, it’s back to my other “family;” all of you out there in the family of brewers. Huge thanks to all of you who emailed me with concern after not seeing the regular News posts.



  1. GlacierBrewing says

    It’s been said before but here it is again:
    THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THIS VALUABLE SITE UP. I have enhanced my professional knowledge SO much directly due to ProBrewer.com. I don’t know how, but if there is anyway the users of this site can help, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


  2. Mavit says

    I extend my heart-felt sympathy to you and congratulate you on all your hard work. You’re doing your Mom proud. Mavit.

  3. mr.jay says

    Sorry about your devastating loss. My family will keep you in our Prayers.

    Thanks for your commitment to preserving this important service to brewers everywhere.


  4. v2comp says

    I am truly sorry to hear the news of your familys loss. I just found out a few weeks ago that my mother has stage 4 breast cancer and you couldnt have been more right about spending time with your love ones.
    we are about to start chemo next tuesday and it is scary to say the least.
    take care and condolonces.

  5. ucbrew says

    Try and see past the grief, and through to the joy that she brought to those she loved. I too lost my mother recently. Remember the good times. . . . and thank you so much for probrewer.com the finest resource of its kind.

  6. BrewinLou says

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks so much for all your work in what must be very tough times for you.

  7. SRB says

    Our condolences from Salmon River Brewery.
    Your work on this site is so greatly appreciated. I often talk about ProBrewer when discussing, “How we ever figured all of this out in such a short period of time.” with customers. We have had many networking sources that helped open our new brewery and survive 8 months. This website is one of the primary resources that has made it all possible. You are a big part of our dream. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    Matt G.

  8. admin says

    Thanks for the many kind words. It really means a lot. What an honor it is to be in this great industry and family of craft brewers. It is the people that drew me into this industry many years ago and it is the people and the passion that keep me going.

    Thanks again!

  9. Hill Brewing Co says

    Starting my own beer company with just home brewing experience caused many to comment that it was nearly an impossible task. As a Computer Network Administrator for the US Department of the Interior, I became serious about my home brewing hobby. With the help of ProBrewer.com, I was able to turn my hobby into a small business, Hill Brewing Company, Inc.

    The industry information, advice from blog community, and relevant news stories gave me the extra knowledge when I needed. Since starting my own company, to date, I have sold my Classic American Pilsner in 7 states!

    Thanks for all that you do in maintaining ProBrewer.com for us beer industry, small business owners.

    My prayers are with you and your family.

    All the best,

    Ray Hill
    CEO / Brewer
    Hill Brewing Company, Inc.
    418 S. Florissant Rd.
    Ferguson, MO 63135
    (314) 521-BEER