Weed Wins

Mt. Shasta Brewing Co., makers of Weed Ales has been in a legal fight with the Tax and Trade Bureau over their bottle crowns which read “Try Legal Weed.” The brewery is located in the California town of Weed, which was named for an actual person: Abner Weed.

The TTB notified the brewery they had to remove the language because it violated their vague standard prohibiting drug references. The story gained widespread media attention, prompted by owner Vaune Dillmann’s quote that stated if he couldn’t use the term Weed, then Anheuser-Busch shouldn’t be able to use the term “Bud.”

But alas, Dillmann announced that the TTB has reversed their decision and “Try Legal Weed” can once more grace their bottle caps. Dillmann shared the registered letter he received with the Associated Press earlier today, which stated.

“Based on the context of the entire label, we agree that the phrase in question refers to the brand name of the product and does not mislead consumers,” said the letter, dated Thursday.

In a letter to the hundreds of supporters who reached out the brewery, Dillmann added. “Weed fought the law and Weed won!”