Warmest Beer in Town

Missouri legislator would outlaw sale of cold beer

A Missouri state senator has begun a campaign against selling cold beer.

Sen. Bill Alter introduced a bill that would keep grocery and convenience from selling beer colder than 60 degrees. He said his goal is to cut down on drunken driving.

“The only reason why beer would need to be cold is so that it can be consumed right away,” Alter said.

He said the idea came from a fifth-grade student in Jefferson County who was participating in a program to teach elementary students about state government. He sought their suggestions for new laws and chose the cold beer ban from a list of the top three ideas.

Lawmakers and lobbyists didn’t seem impressed.

Ron Leone, executive vice president for the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, said the combination of Missouri’s drinking and driving laws and designated driver programs already have curbed the number of people who drink and drive.

“It would be an inconvenience for law-abiding citizens who want to purchase cold beer for picnics, parties and social gatherings,” he said. “People who want to drive drunk will drive drunk anyway.”

Oklahoma has a law against selling “strong” beer cold, but convenience stores are permitted to sell beer up to 3.2% by weight (4% abv) cold.


  1. Larry Horwitz says

    Gawd people are stupid,

    What about freshness and product preservation?

    how does this quote sound, “The only reason ham is stored cold is so it can be eaten right away.”


  2. Diamond Knot says

    I’m tellin’ ya…………being in Washington where the Liberal Left just passed a statewide smoking ban………..alcohol and alcohol products are next after tobacco. It’s been on the Conservative Right’s Fundamentalist agenda for some time. 😡

    Then, after solving all those “serious” moral issues, Fast Food better look out. Can’t have fat or sodium in your food, ya know.
    On the tobacco front here in Washington, beer retailers (bars, alehouses, taverns) are hurting soooooo bad the state is considering a “variance” to allow your business to re-introduce smoking……….for a price. Dig this………Take away the right to run your business as you see fit and then make you pay a yearly fee to get that right back. 😮

    Still no cure for world hunger.

  3. Moonlight says

    Yes there is already the cure for world hunger. If McDonald’s can get some more tax breaks, they would have enough capital to expand to those hungry places.