Unique Beer Delivery “Truck”

The Wynkoop Brewing Company is delivering beer using a new (old) delivery system, a 400-pound horsepower ‘side loader.’

The new delivery ‘vehicle’ trots out on the second and fourth Friday of each month at 6:30 PM.

Retailers love the attraction (and the beer) that it brings.

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  1. liammckenna says

    Fantastic. Love throwbacks.

    While in Dublin, we had a horse and drey do the same thing a few times a week.

    Holding up traffic was great. More plusses than minusses (sp?). Especially with a well decked out drey where people are used to and appreciative of the whole concept.

    Strangely, in Dublin, a horse, seemingly can do no wrong in terms of traffic violations.

    We could go up a one way street the wrong way, for instance. Hassle free.

    I also learned that if you stop on a hill in Dublin, behind a horse and cart, and the horse decides to back up a few steps ruining your front end, you are guilty, not the horse and cart.

    Not sure of moving violation laws in Denver….

    Best of luck to the Wynkoop. Keep doing what you have always done well.