Union of the Hops

Hopunion Craft Brewing Sales, LLC, a provider of specialty hops to the craft and specialty brewing industry, has announced the merger with Yakima Chief, Inc.’s craft brewing division.

he combination of these two companies in the Yakima Valley in Washington State will create a company known as Hopunion, LLC. The union of the two company’s will formally take place on August 1.

“We believe this merger will help provide more selection of hop varieties as well as better stability in the supply and demand chain,” said Ralph Olson, general manager and one of the owners of Hopunion Craft Brewing Sales, LLC. “Our ability to take care of the needs and desires of the customer will be greatly enhanced.”

Olson said that by combining the two companies there will be improved efficiencies in pellet plant production with the ability to produce larger volumes of consistent product.

Joining Olson in the new company will be Ralph Woodall, Jim Boyd and David Edgar, who together have over 60 years of experience in the hop industry. Support staffs from Hopunion Craft Brewing Sales, LLC and Yakima Chief, Inc. will be located at the Hopunion Craft Brewing Sales, LLC office in Yakima.

Ownership of the new company includes several Northwest growers who specialize in producing premier aroma hops.

“We will now be able to provide greater coverage in North America for the craft brewing industry,” Olson said of the merger. “And, it will allow us to help nurture craft and specialty brewing internationally, a growing segment of the industry.”

Although the craft brewing portion of their business will combine with Hopunion Craft Brewing Sales, LLC in this merger, Yakima Chief, Inc. will continue as a national and international hop merchant.