‘Toast the Hop Gods’

Due to what appears to be a good 2008 hop harvest, Boston Beer Company announced that it will again sell some hops from their inventory to those in need. The following, signed by Boston Beer founder Jim Koch, was posted on their web site at http://www.samueladams.com/promotions/HopSharing/Default.aspx

“The 2008 hop crop looks like a good one and I hope last year’s hop shortage will be greatly reduced with this crop. There may be brewers still experiencing shortages or lacking hops to bridge to their 2008 crop deliveries.

Since the outlook for the 2008 crop appears positive, we’re comfortable releasing another 20,000 pounds of German Noble Tettnang Tettnanger to help brewers who still have difficulties. First in line for this second offering are brewers who requested Tettnang hops from us last time around but, because of the number of requests, couldn’t get what they needed. We received requests that we couldn’t fully fill from 212 brewers for a total of almost 40,000 pounds of Tettnang hops, and we want to give these brewers first crack at this second sharing of hops.

As with the last hop lottery, these are type 90 pellets from the 2007 crop. They are the same hops we use to brew our beers. They are packed in 22# foil bags, boxed four bags to a box and will be shipped from cold storage. We are again selling these hops at our cost. The prices will be the same: $5.72 per pounds for the Tettnang plus $.75 per pound for shipping and handling.

If you put in a request in the March lottery and are still interested in acquiring some Tettnang hops, please let us know. Again, our wish is to guarantee hops to brewers who really need them, and we ask that you not resell them at a profit. Please don’t request more hops that you sought last season, and please order in 88 pound increments.

The details: we continue to have a maximum of 6 boxes per brewer (528 lbs.) and a minimum of 88 lbs. The deadline for submitting your order is November 10.

Now, let’s toast to the hops gods, and hope that this year’s crop is as good as it appears to be.”


Jim Koch
The Boston Beer Company