There Goes Another

Australia’s iconic Foster’s, like many of its counterparts around the globe, is set to become foreign owned.

In a long expected move, the Melbourne-based brewer, whose origins date back to the 1850s, will be sold to the British-based multinational SABMiller in a deal worth over $12.

After a sometimes heated four-month takeover battle, the Foster’s board has agreed to sell the business – which owns VB, Australia’s biggest-selling beer, and other popular brands such as Crown, Cascade and Carlton Draught – to Anglo-South African brewer SABMiller.

But SABMiller made no promises to maintain Foster’s headquarters in Melbourne or its Abbotsford plant, which has been making beer for more than 100 years.


  1. Tlangle1 says

    Foster’s was managed as a Global brand already. Outside of AUS it is primarily brewed under license. Usually by an SABMiller brewery, but not always. In the US, it’s all brewed in Ft. Worth, TX. Which is sort of like the Australian outback, but with bigger highways.:D