The Odd Couple

New Belgium Brewing and Elysian Brewing Company have announced a unique and new model in the industry by agreeing to brew at each other’s breweries in Seattle, WA and Ft. Collins, CO.

By sharing brewing facilities, New Belgium and Elysian have the ability to increase efficiency and encourage creative experimentation.

Described as an artisanal collaboration, New Belgium and Elysian have agreed to let their brewing teams use each other’s brewhouses while remaining independent enterprises. New Belgium will use the opportunity to explore in small-batch experimental beers in Seattle and market their local presence to the fertile Pacific Northwest brewing scene.

“This is an exciting time for craft brewers in the U.S. as we dream up new and interesting ways of brewing great beer and working with one another,” said Kim Jordan, CEO and co-founder of New Belgium. “Our respect for the folks at Elysian is tremendous and I can’t wait to celebrate with the first beer that we brew together.”

Elysian in turn will brew larger batches in Fort Collins, CO and be able to handle growing distribution needs as their beers become available in new U.S. markets, like New York, which opened July 1st of this year. Elysian’s head brewer and co-founder, Dick Cantwell, sees the arrangement as a way to grow his production responsibly while working closely with respected industry peers in creative new ways.

“I can’t think of a crew I’d rather work with,” said Cantwell, “and to be able to collaborate with Peter Bouckaert in producing some of their specialty beers here is an enormous honor.”