Sustainable Unconfernce at GABF

You are invited to a productive morning during GABF 09 learning, teaching, sharing and debating the best practices and biggest hurdles in making our breweries more sustainable. The goal of this “unconference” is to identify common issues, areas for collaboration, and next steps in creating an ongoing forum for brewers where we can share best practices in all areas of sustainability. If you want to brainstorm about water, carbon, renewable energy, eco-labeling standards, waste reduction, and other greening topics, this is the place to be. Be a leader!

An unconference is a participant-driven conference centered around a theme or purpose. No stages, no ho-hum panels. You get to decide where we focus, it is your conference.

Register on-line: Through Sept 7 use discount code “brewme” for five dollars off early registration. One of several convenient locations near the convention center will be selected depending on number of pre-registrations.