Sunday Sales in Colorado

Rockies state may finally get alcoholic beverage sales on Sunday

The Colorado Senate has approved a bill that would allow Sunday alcohol sales. Sponsor Jennifer Beiga said that when the old law was passed, most businesses already were closed Sunday. Now, she said, Sunday has become a day when consumers do a large amount of their shopping and businesses get a sizable amount of their revenue.

The measure must still pass another vote in the Senate and then would move on to the House, however Friday’s vote indicated a change from three years ago, when the proposal never made it to the Senate floor.


  1. Brewtopian says

    There was an article in the Deseret News in SLC about Sunday beer sales a few months ago. One very conservative Mormon town south of Salt Lake City began to allow beer and wine sales on Sundays in supermarkets and the local Albertsons was reporting an additional $70k a month in revenue.

    I truly believe we’re seeing a shift in attitudes towards alcohol by both the establishment and by consumers. People who drink were once considered immoral but thats just not the case today and this is being reflected in these changing laws.

    There was an article in the Salt Lake news this week that the state legislature appears to be prepared to loosen restrictions on homebrewers.