Strongest Beer?

A small Scottish brewery has produced what it claims to be the strongest beer in the world.

BrewDog, based in Fraserburgh, north-east Scotland, has released a limited run of 500 bottles of the 32% imperial stout named Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “This is completely pushing the boundaries. This is about evolving the status of beer and changing people’s perceptions of it

“It comes with a small wine stopper; we’re encouraging people to enjoy this in the same way you would enjoy a whisky.”

Chief executive of the campaign group Alcohol Focus Scotland Jack Law said: “The fact they have achieved a new world record is not admirable, that’s for sure.

“It is a product with a lot of alcohol in it, that’s all. To dress it up as anything else is cynical.”

However, Watt claimed that this was untrue and pointed to the scarcity of a beer and its high price compared to the cheap multipack offers available from major brewers and supermarkets.