Strike Threat in Germany

Brewery workers go on ‘warning’ strike at various breweries

Workers at the world-renowned Hofbraeuhaus brewery in Munich walked off the job this week in support of statewide demands for better wages for brewery workers.

Some 70 employees picketed in the morning outside the Hofbraeuhaus brewery, east of the city center, in a short warning strike, according to the Union of Food, Consumption and Restaurant. They returned to brewing and delivering beer by midday.

Four other breweries were hit by warning strikes, including the Augustiner and Spater-Franziskaner breweries in Munich. The union said more warning strikes were planned for later this week.

Workers are asking for a 6 percent raise as well as better training for new employees. Negotiators for the breweries have offered a 2 percent increase.

The Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that beer supplies would only run low if all Bavarian brewers went on strike for an entire week.