Start Your Own

The Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, has introduced a new course for those looking to start their own brewpub or microbrewery.

The “Start Your Own Brewery” course (May 2-4, 2007) trains students in aspects of small brewery design, construction, financial planning, marketing and management.

The course was created by craft brewing industry expert Ray Daniels, and covers brewpub & microbrewery design and startup issues. The content covers a wide range of critical topics including basic brewery design & operation, planning for capacity, utilities & brewery waste, packaging and a host of other important brewery-related issues. Segments on planning & management consider such areas as site selection, business plan development, financial measures & issues, and distribution. For those opening a brewpub, this program will also deal with the dynamics of restaurant & pub design, front & back-end operations and effective management tools & techniques.

Along with content that addresses brewing-related and restaurant/pub management issues, each day features a successful brewery entrepreneur who will share their story and answer questions from the class. These “Entrepreneurial Voices” will provide real-life insights into building brewing companies that work.

For more information regarding registration, contact Lupe Zepeda at