Ska Brewer to Have a “Ball”

Brad Stillmank wins Briess contest

The Grand Prize Winner of the Have a Ball at Briess Contest has been announced by Briess Malt & Ingredients Company. Brad Stillmank, brewer at Ska Brewing Company in Durango, Colorado, has won the opportunity for him and a co-worker to help produce a Briess roasted specialty malt in a traditional K-Ball Roaster and name the finished product. Ska Head Brewer Jeff Ogden will accompany Stillmank to Briess to assist in the production.

“This is a great opportunity for Jeff and myself,” Stillmank said after learning about his prize. We are really looking forward to be involved in the production of this specialty malt. Many ideas are already flying around the brewery as to what type of beer we are going to be able to make with this new malt, Thanks Briess !!”

The Have a Ball at Briess Contest is being held to celebrate 130th years of malting by Briess Malt & Ingredients Company. The family-owned business was started by Ignatius Briess in 1876 in Czechoslovia. From their current malting operations in Wisconsin, the company produces more than 50 styles of base and specialty malts for the brewing industry


  1. AlexisScarlett says

    Great brewery (love SKA)! Great town! Great guy (Ok two great guys)!

    Brad is willing to drive over a hundred miles of mountain to judge a homebrew contest and even say nice things on the scoresheets. Thanks Brad
    Sure to be great malt!

  2. nohandslance says

    I want to order 250.lbs ASAP. When is it ready? Please ship to AlexisScarlett, and invoice to NohandsLance: will pick up. Congrats on the new “Roast”.
    See you in January