Siebel to Offer Draught Technical Skills Program

The Siebel Institute will be holding another session of the Draught Technical Skills Certificate Program. The four day Draught Certificate program will be held from May 25th through 28th at the Goose Island Brewpub Wrigleyville facility in Chicago.

The Siebel Institute Draught Technical Skills Certificate Program instructs students in every area critical to draught beer service. Students will study the theory of design, construction, and maintenance of each major type of draught beer system, and then put their skills into practice in a hands-on draught environment. The four day program includes such topics as system design, installation, hygiene & cleaning and troubleshooting. The focus of the Draught Technical Skills Certificate Program is to give technicians the knowledge they require to keep beer within the service standards set by the breweries, assuring their ability to keep draught beer exactly as the brewer has envisioned from keg to glass.

For more information contact instructor Martin Schuster at To register, contact Lupe Zepeda by e-mail at or by phone at 312-255-0705 Ext. 118.