Sherwood Looks Wide

Major market expansion into 9 news states through Stawski Distributing Company

Sherwood Forest Brewers Ltd. has entered into a unique strategic distribution agreement with Stawski Distributing Company. The agreement will cover representation of the Sherwood brands in a wide swath of territory that will include Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado and Iowa.

Sherwood Forest Brewers Ltd. began as a small locally based craft brewer in 1997 and initially self distributed its own brands. Since then the brand has grown to include distribution in New England, New York and Illinois. Dave Lambert, President and founder, states “We are very excited about working with Stawski as they are a well respected distribution company with a great staff and a great reputation in the industry”.

Currently Stawski imports over ten different vodkas along with representing a number of other beverage categories including Brandy, Vermouths, Rum and Liquors. Over 80% of Stawski’s business is beer brands which include Polish brands Perla, Lomza and Okocim. Other brands include Kalnapillis from Lithuania and Slovakia’s wonderful Golden Pheasant. Currently Stawski distributes to 30 states in the U.S. with distribution relationships throughout the United States.

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