SAVOR is a Home Run

Third annual event wraps up in DC

The third annual SAVOR event wrapped up last night at the elegant National Museum in Washington DC with a sold out and happy crowd of 2000 people.

The food and beer tasting event, sponsored by the Brewers Association is now in its third year and sold out in ten minutes after tickets went on sale to the general public online. The event is unique in that each brewery serves a few beers, each beer paired with a specific food which is available in small servings at the brewer’s booth. It exemplifies the true experience of pairing craft beer with good food.

Held in the elegant National Museum with tall ornate ceilings and beautiful lighting, the beer tasting event is truly unlike any this writer has been to.

The BA also held small and intimate one-hour long educational “solons” in private side rooms which attendees paid extra to sit in on. Some of these were conducted by local celebrity chefs teamed up with a brewer or brewery owner to talk about the process of developing food and beer pairings. Other solons were brewers talking about specific beer types and styles.

In a world that has way too many standardized beer festivals, SAVOR sets a new standard for which the craft beer industry can and should educate the consumer.


  1. MikeRoy says

    I think SAVOR is a great concept, but after attending last night I really was disappointed to be honest. The venue was great, the beer was very solid, but the food was such an after thought and not done well ( the exception to that was the Artisan Cheese Table).

    Talking to many attendees and industry folk they felt the same way, that much of the food was uninspired,not of good quality and cold(though most everyone was understanding of that aspect). Many agreed they’d rather see a brewery team with a local restaurant to prepare their dish as there would be more effort towards creativity then a government catering company saying “how many different tables can we put these pulled pork quesadillas at?”

    I heard good feed back on the Salons and the one I attended I really enjoyed. I think as a beer event SAVOR is very well done, but as a beer & food pairing event it still has along way to go.

    Just my two cents.

  2. admin says

    I agree the food came up short and I heard that from a few people. But….it ain’t easy serving for 2000!

    That’s an interesting idea to have chefs preparing at each station — but a logistical nightmare (and proabbly something the local fire department would have a hard time with).

    Glad you heard good things about the Salons…I hosted one of the rooms….!!


  3. MikeRoy says

    Admin…I never suggested the food be prepared at the table,I simply suggested that local chefs work with the brewers to choose a food pairing. I think an individual Chef representing a restaurant would put forth a better effort than what we saw.

  4. beerking1 says

    I agree with Mike about the food. This was my 3rd Savor, and the food was best the first year (although there was not enough), and better last year than this year.
    It seemed they were putting more effort into getting the food onto an easily recycled “plate” than getting good food to the attendees in good shape. Last year, the food arrived still very warm at least, and often hot.
    As was stated earlier, the cheese table was fantastic. I would say additionally that the chicken with green curry was quite good, IF you grabbed some as soon as they brought it out (while it was hot). The wooden spork was kind of cool, but the “plates” shaped out of bark seemed to make things a little more difficult for the serving staff.
    I found the food and beer pairing Sunday at Yard’s Brewing’s Second “Smoke em if yous got em” BBQ and smoked beer festival much better.

  5. admin says

    Gotcha MikeRoy — that does make a lot of sense and could be pulled off pretty easily. Good idea.