Rookie Record?

The L.A. Times reported in an article that Golden Road Brewing Co. in Los Angeles is on track to produce 8,000 barrels in its first year which would make it quite possibly the largest first-year startup in craft brewing.

In less than a year, the brewery has nabbed 400 draft accounts in L.A. and more than 1,500 retail accounts.

The other claim to fame is that the co-founder, 27 year old Meg Gill is reportedly the youngest female brewery owner in the world, having co-founded Golden Road with Mohawk Bend owner Tony Yanow nine months ago.


  1. Michael Murphy says

    thats awesome, when I was at GB in roskilde DK we did about 8000hl our first year start up in Denmark a country of 5 million persons… we did 12.000hl year 2…