Rockies back to Boulder

Rockies Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado has changed its name back to the original company name of Boulder Beer Company.

“Celebrating our milestone 25th Anniversary in 2004 brought us back to our roots, realizing that Boulder Beer is truly who we are,” said Tess Bodine, marketing director for the company. The company is waiting until all of the packaging changes are complete before making the announcement public. “It’s been a very smooth transition, however, as most people still refer to us as Boulder Beer anyway, hence, the reason we’re going back to it,” said Bodine.

It was in 1993 that the current owners, looking to expand into markets outside of Colorado, decided to change the name, feeling that the name “Rockies” would have a broader and more recognizable appeal than the name “Boulder.”

The name Boulder Beer goes back to the name that was filed on the original brewers permit in 1979.