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Water Chemistry Calculator
Adapted from the Javascript Water Chemistry Calculator by Glenn Tinseth, publisher of The Hop Page.

This water chemistry calculator calculates the ppm of all the important brewing ions based on the water volume and the mass of the salts you add. Enter a number for each salt you want to add (under the Mass Added column) choose the units that you want to use and click Calculate (or hit the TAB key).

Gallons US Barrels Liters Hectoliters

Mass Added
PPM (mg/l) Added
CaSO4 (gypsum) Ca++ (calcium ion)
NaCl (table salt) Mg++ (magnesium ion)
CaCO3 (chalk) Na+ (sodium ion)
MgSO4*7H2O (epsom salt) SO4-- (sulfate ion)
CaCl2*6H2O CO3-- (carbonate ion)
Copyright © 1997 by Glenn Tinseth
All Rights Reserved
Cl- (chloride ion)

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