Regional and Micro to Partner

Unique partnership between Lake Placid and F.X. Matt

The Lake Placid Craft Brewing Company of Plattsburgh and The Matt Brewing Company of Utica announced today that they have entered into an agreement to increase the production and distribution of the Lake Placid lineup of beers, including Ubu Ale.

“This is much more than a simple contract brewing deal where they help brew our beer for us,” said Christopher Ericson, owner and brewmaster of Lake Placid. “We will be working closely with Nick and Fred Matt and their team to develop our company in every facet, not just the brewing, but also with increased public events at the brewery, philanthropic events in the community, and local event sponsorships. I am excited to learn from such a successful company and from a couple of the most seasoned industry veterans in the country.”

“We have been very pleased with how well our beers have been received in the marketplace,” said Ericson. “In fact, our beers have been so well received that we have had trouble keeping up with the demand. This new agreement will allow us to brew more beer in Plattsburgh as well as augmenting our production with beer brewed at the Matt Brewery in Utica,” Ericson continued.

Under the new agreement, Matt Brewing will utilize its resources and expertise to help Lake Placid maximize the amount of beer which can be brewed at the Plattsburgh brewery. This beer will then be distributed and sold by Matt’s sales force which will give the Lake Placid brand the opportunity to significantly improve its sales coverage and expand distribution. In addition, Matt will take over some production from Lake Placid, allowing Lake Placid to brew and release smaller batch, seasonal beers as well as introduce 12 packs and mixed packs to the marketplace. Lake Placid may also brew some test batches or limited releases of the Saranac line of beers on its smaller brewing system.

“It is a truly unique situation for both breweries as we have the opportunity to make our beer on a much needed larger scale and they now have the ability to brew test batches and specialty beers on a smaller scale,” said Ericson. “We had so little beer that we actually had to lay off our marketing person – he had nothing to market. Now we will be able to produce enough beer to market and grow the brand, instead of struggling to keep beer in stock at distributors, bars, and stores. Both companies are excited for the future.”

Lake Placid Craft Brewing is the sister company of the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, a brewpub in Lake Placid opened in 1996. As they are two separate companies, nothing at the brewpub in Lake Placid will change or be affected by this new agreement, although Ericson quipped “I will now be stocking some Saranac products at The Pub.”