‘Real Cases?’

Pennsylvania Considers Allowing Beer Distributors to Sell Six-Packs

Legislation introduced last week in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives would change the definition of a case of beer under the current liquor code from 12 or more beverage containers to six or more, allowing beer distributors to sell six-packs, the Daily Collegian reports.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Liquor Control Board is reviewing the proposal.

Pennsylvania law allows only bars, restaurants and distributors to sell beer. Some grocery stores in the state have found a “loophole” around the law by opening adjoining cafes or restaurants.

In an effort to change state regulations the web site freemybeer.com was launched last year for consumers to sign a petition that the company intends to pass along to Pennsylvania’s state legislature.


  1. South County says

    Slowly but surely! Pennsylvania considers the brewer (enitity) as the “master” distributor.