QC Day Offered

White Lab’s 3rd annual QC Day allows brewers to send in two or more beers, each of which are tested for an overall microbiological analysis, IBUs and total VDK. By conducting the tests in a concentrated time and for many breweries at one time, White Labs is able to offer a significant discount and expose craft brewers to their extensive services. Brewers learn about their beers and quality control issues at an affordable price of $129 for two beers, saving about $500.

The QC Day testing will conduct tests aerobic bacteria, alcohol, anaerobic bacteria, color, density, IBUs, Real Extract, total VDK, wild yeast, microbiological analysis overall, microbiological analysis by test. Also included are the new tests that were introduced last year: Calories per 12 oz, pH, and real and apparent attenuation.

The deadline to order this once-a-year offer is Feb. 5. White Labs will ship out boxes Feb. 5-6 and will need them returned no later than Feb. 18. Final reports should be sent to breweries by mid-March.

For more information go to their web site at http://www.whitelabs.com/qcday-2009.html