Private Equity Strikes Again

According to a story at, a large private equity firm has made a major investment in a craft brewer. My, oh my how the times are changing!

Boston’s Fireman Capital Partners has invested an undisclosed amount in Utah Brewers Cooperative, a combination of Squatters and Wasatch Brewing in Utah.

The investment will support the expansion of the brewer’s distribution, marketing and brew pub business.


  1. Baldrick says

    Shows that the money people think that there is money to be made selling (craft) beer.
    No surprise, since this is something that Anheiser-Busch has known for decades.
    Let’s hope that they don’t wreck the product in the process.

  2. porter says

    Wow, talk about diversifying your portfolio- look at what else they invest in-

    “Previous investments include jeans maker Hudson, sneaker maker Newton Running and dry-erase paint developer IdeaPaint.”