Pepsi to Provide Dist in OR

I knew this would pop up – sooner or later.

In this case later.

I have been predicting for many years that alternative forms of beer wholesalers would ultimately surface. Why? Because traditional major-brand distributors tend to pile up protections around their businesses via franchise legislation that make it very difficult to terminate a contractual relationship. And although many beer wholesalers do a great job getting craft brands to market – most craft brands are at the whim of the distributors because they hold so little leverage.

Who goes to most C-sores, restaurants, grocery stores and even liquor stores? Pepsi and Coke distributors. Finally, a Pepsi distributor is taking on craft beer brands. Read the story here.


  1. einhorn says

    While I agree generally with you assumption that Coke & Pepsi are viable partners, for me it is more of a theory than a true alternative. I have found in my years selling beer, wine, cider, juice, and mineral water that soda people cannot sell beer, just as wine people cannot sell water, beer people cannot sell energy drinks and juice people cannot sell spirits – mix those up however you wish. I don’t know why, it just is that way.

  2. admin says


    But — can Bud people sell craft? No. But eventually major brand distributors realized the potential in craft brands (which took nearly a decade), at which point they cross trained and/or hired dedicated sales staff specifically to a craft “division.”

    This is what will — or could, evolve in this with N/A distributors.