Heavyweight Brewing Co. of New Jersey plans a unique series of special releases known as OneTimeOnePlace (OTOP). These will be draft-only, one-off brews. OTOP beers will be produced in seven-barrel batches (217 gallons) and released, in draft, exclusively to one bar/pub in each market. Heavyweight plans about one release per month.

The first release is a Regal Pale Ale (RPA). It is brewed will 100% English pale malt and hopped extensively with Magnum. The beer possesses a delightful mineral chalkiness courtesy of the sea. Thirty pound of oyster shells are added to the two-hour boil. The beer was generously dry-hopped with both Fuggles and Magnum. The result is a hoppy, substantial beer weighing in at 7.9% abv and 55 IBUs.

Only two kegs will be sent to each market. The Blind Tiger in Manhattan, Half Time Beverage in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Andy