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Martin Kelly in Familiar Territory

Sept 3, 2008 - Pyramid Breweries Inc., now the subsidiary of Independent Brewers United, Inc., the parent of Magic Hat Brewing Company, announced the resignation of Scott Barnum, Jurgen Auerbach, Kurt Dammeier, David Rostov and Scott Svenson as Directors of the Pyramid Board. Such resignations were pursuant to the agreement and plan of merger.


Martin Kelly, Alan S. Newman and Gregory G. Gatta were appointed to the Pyramid Board.

Kelly, who currently serves as President and CEO of Magic Hat has close ties to Pyramid. In 1999 - 2004, Kelly was employed by Pyramid as its President; in 2000 was also appointed Chief Executive Officer, and served as Pyramid's Chairman from 2001 to 2004.

Newman currently serves as Conductor of Cosmic Symphonies and a Director of Magic Hat, which he co-founded in 1994


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