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Boston Beer to Share Hops

Feb 15, 2008 - Boston Beer founder Jim Koch revealed a plan Thursday to supply smaller breweries with 10 tons of hops they might not otherwise have access to.


In a grand gesture of community within our craft brewing industry, Koch announced a plan to offer up excess hops the largest craft brewer in the country has obtained through contracts with growers.

In a statement released yesterday:

"…we looked at our own hops supplies at Boston Beer and decided we could share some of our hops with other craft brewers who are struggling to get hops this year. We're offering 20,000 pounds at our cost to brewers who need them.

The purpose of doing this is to get some hops to the brewers who really need them. So if you don't really need them, please don't order them.

We hope this will make brewing a little easier for those hardest hit by the hop shortage.

Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company"

Details about the offer will be posted at the Samuel Adams website - look for "Hop-Sharing Program."


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